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RS500 Rope Pack (Customer)

RRP: £69.95 inc VAT

Your Price: £69.95 inc VAT

Your Price: £58.29 ex VAT

Stock Code: RS5-PP-400

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  • Mainsheet
  • Jib Sheet
  • Spinnaker Sheet
  • Kicker Line
  • Gybing Strop
  • Forestay Line
  • Centreboard Handle
  • Rudder Downhaul
  • Jib Sheet Block Tie
  • Spinnaker Block Tiedowns
  • Trapeze Elastic
  • Centreboard retainer elastic
  • Spinnaker Block Elastic
  • Spinnaker Take-up Elastic
  • Toestrap Elastic
  • Spinnaker Sock Tie-down elastic
  • Spinnaker take-up tie
  • Adjustable Bridal including bearing block
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