RS 200 one string adjustment, self-centering mainsheet bridle KIT

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Bundle Includes

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1 x Harken 40mm Carbo Block: Single
3 x Rig 12+ - 3mm
3 x Rig 12+ - 3mm
0.4 x Rig 12+ - 3mm
0.4 x Rig 12+ - 3mm
1 x Rope Tapering
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Easily and quickly adjust your RS200 mainsheet bridle on the water and guarantee the mainsheet block will stay central.

Kit includes:

  • Mainsheet block
  • Port & Starboard bridle strops
  • Strops for the aft corners of the hull
  • Sailmaker's thread to secure your fixed bridle splice
Please note: this kit does not come assembled and requires splicing.
For the assembled version, please click this link

To fit this to your boat:

  1. Remove your old mainsheet bridle
  2. Make 2 loops of rope and pass these through the aft corner holes in your hull
  3. Brummel Lock splice the 2 long lengths of dyneema onto the mainsheet block
  4. Take the port bridle strop, pass it through the port loop and adjustable splice it ont the starboard loop
  5. Take the starboard bridle strop, pass it through the starboard loop, across and through the port loop, then adjustable splice into the port bridle section which is going across the boat towards the starboard loop
  6. Adjust this splice until the mainsheet block is on the centreline, take your time with this step as it is critical that the block is absolutely on the centreline.
  7. Take the sailmaker's thread and stitch this splice up until it cannot move, then bury the tail of the splice to make it neat
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