Life Jacket Mineral Sun Stick: SPF 50+ (15g)

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WHAT IS IT? Pocket-friendly, 100% mineral SPF 50+ sun stick for face and lips (15g)

WHY’S IT FOR YOU? Heavy duty face and lip protection particularly for those on the water or up a mountain. Has the added convenience of being handheld and easily fitting inside a pocket. The 100% mineral formulation uses zinc oxide and titanium dioxide to provide a bulletproof layer of physical protection on the skin’s surface.


Non-greasy formulation

Glides across the skin effortlessly – just swipe and go

Leaves a light white mark on the skin which you can leave or rub in (depending on the look you’re after)

Fragrance free

Engineered using first class ingredients and formulation technology

Used by professional athletes because it’s non-greasy and doesn’t cause stinging or burning, particularly in the eyes

Water resistant and cruelty free

For all skin types and clinically approved for sensitive skin

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Price: £14.00 inc VAT
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