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Tear Aid Repair Kit Type A

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Tear Aid is an air cured polyurethane patch/tape which has the benefit of not requiring any messy glue application. The product can be used to repair airbeds, awnings, tents, neoprene and rubber inner tubes to name but a few applications. The Tear patch is made from an exceptionally tough, matte finish, abrasion resistant polyurethane elastomer which resists puncture and tearing. Combined with an aggressive adhesive formulated to bond to a number of different surface types we believe the product to be unique within the UK marketplace. Available in two variants. Type A repairs canvas, leather and rubber to name but a few applications whilst Type B is to repair vinyl and vinyl coated materials. Repair tape has the following benefits: 1. See through and consequently works with all colours. 2. Resistant to discoloration over time 3. Easily cut to size with scissors 4. Does not require the use of messy adhesives 5. Will not turn gummy in high heat 6. Stretches and springs back without losing its grip 7. Available in retail and commercial packs 8. Airtight/Watertight/Puncture resistant industrial strength polyurethane patch repair The Patch Repair Kit Contains 3inch x 12inch tear patch material, 7/8inch x 7/8inch patch, 1 3/8inch x 1 3/8inch patch. Reinforcement filament for edge repairs and alcohol prep pads.

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