To our European friends, we feel it is our duty to highlight changes in the trade agreements between Europe and the UK, all goods bought from outside of UK heading for Europe maybe be subject to local duties and VAT. Unfortunately, we cannot tell you what these rates will be at this point as it will vary product to product, it is likely that your local courier will contact you requesting that you pay the duties owed before then releasing the parcel.

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Dinghy Chandlery

Dinghy & Sailing Chandlery for all classes, Ball Bearing Blocks, Cam Cleats, Mast fittings, Boom Hardware, Universal Joints , Bushes, Bulleyes, Fairleads, Shackle, Rudder fittings, Bungs, Spar spares, U bolts, Slot gasket materials, hooks and deck clips can all found in this easy to navigate department.

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