Allen 30mm Plain Bearing Block

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30mm Plain Bearing Single Block.

The A2030P is the block of choice for applications which require a lightweight, budget friendly pulley. It is ideal for many different applications on dinghies, windsurfing, kitesurfing and anything else that runs smaller diameter lines.

Plain bearing blocks are the ideal choice for take-up systems or systems which do not require friction reduction.

For ultimate performance, we suggest using the Dynamic block range instead.

This plain bearing block is made from recycled plastics.

Plain Bearing – The acetal sheave spins around the central axle. This type of bearing has a long lifespan and is very low maintenance.

Ultra-Strap – A stainless steel strap which holds the block together and provides a strong, reliable and rope friendly attachment point.

Becket – The hole through the middle of the block can be used as a tying off point (becket).


  • Length: 49mm

  • Max Line Diameter: 8mm

  • Break Load: 750kg

  • Weight: 23g

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