RS Aero 6 Lower Mast & Sail

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1 x RS Aero 6m Sail
1 x RS Aero 6m Lower Mast Complete
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Development of the new rig began back in 2019 with the clear goal to ensure it was engineered to work without compromise. The new rig system includes a 6.3m² mainsail, which is manufactured by North Sails. The radial cut sail is in line with the existing characteristics of the RS Aero 7 mainsail but with a slightly flatter head.

Working closely with a world-leading carbon fibre tube manufacturer and after extensive testing, a new and specific bottom mast section has been designed. As with all the RS Aero rig systems, a common top-mast and boom has been used, but the new bottom section has a specific stiffness and deck-level bend to ensure the RS Aero 6 rig is incredibly well balanced. This ensures that the RS Aero 6 has the amazingly responsive feel that RS Aero owners sailors know and love.

New rigs are available in early part of 2022, with several bulk deliveries. Call now to get your order in and name on the waiting list, alternately contact your local RS dealer for more information.

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