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RS200 one string adjustment, self-centering mainsheet bridle ASSEMBLED

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Bundle Includes

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1 x Harken 40mm Carbo Block: Single
3 x Rig 12+ - 3mm
3 x Rig 12+ - 3mm
0.4 x Rig 12+ - 3mm
0.4 x Rig 12+ - 3mm
1 x Splicing Charge
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Easily and quickly adjust your RS200 mainsheet bridle on the water and guarantee the mainsheet block will stay central.

Assembled Kit includes:

  • Mainsheet block
  • Port & Starboard bridle strops
  • Loops to run strops through the aft corners of the hull
  • Sailmaker's thread to secure your fixed bridle splice

To fit this to your boat:

  1. Remove your old mainsheet bridle
  2. Locate the 2 small rope strops spliced onto the new mainsheet bridle and pull these so that the block hangs down. creating the bridle shape but upside-down
  3. Poke the ends of the strops through the aft holes in your hull, pull lots of rope through to give yourself some working space and tie a figure of eight knot, as close to the hull as possible.
  4. Using the mainsheet block, adjust the splice which has sailmaker's thread tied to it so that the mainsheet block is on the centreline of the hull. Take your time with this step, if the block is not bang on in the centre now, you will never get your main onto the centreline
  5. Using the sailmaker's thread and a needle, stitch up the splice, so that it cannot move, and bury the tail to make it neat.
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