Magic Marine Ultimate Hiking Pant: Extra Small

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The predessors to these were a best seller, and due to popular demand, we have brought the latest incarnation back into stock. The Magic Marine Ultimate Hiking Pants are ideal for any dinghy sailor that wishes to make hiking more comfortable for themselves.With the added benefit of being able to hike harder and for longer, the sailor will also go faster. The 'Pro Pads' which are the semi-rigid part of the hikers, are fully adjustable, and removable, and can be paced inside the hikers to suit the sailors individuality and the class of boat sailed.Giving the wearer the ultimate in customisable comfort. PLEASE NOTE. Pro Pads not included in this price. Please select your size of Magic Marine Pro Pad from the 'Dinghy Sailing Hikers' section of this website. Pro Pads are ?39.95, Making the complete 'hiker' ?119.90. Features include. 3/4 length style. Made from M-Flex neoprene. Adjustable shoulder straps. Flatlock stitching for comfort. Diamond reinforced seat and knees.

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